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This is our story, this is who we are.

I have shown, competed and trained many horses through the years in several different disciplines. The two that I've enjoyed the most would have to be calf roping and showing reining horses.

Over the past 15 years I have specialized in starting two-year-old horses and training horses for Frank Ranch and customers. My love for horses and making them better, or should I say, bringing out the best of their qualities, has always been an enjoyment and love for me for many years.

In my time, I've also served in multiple management roles and come to develop many diverse leadership qualities. I strive each day to instill those qualities in those that are under my leadership at work and within my network - not to mention, within my marriage, parenting, and relationships amongst friends and others.

Over the past twenty plus years, I've worked in numerous chemical plants and refineries and have also served in the Army where my passion for leadership developed. Slowly but surely, I began to recognize the comparisons and similarities of training horses as well as leading and influencing people in the work force.

Putting in the time, effort, and work to train a horse is both rewarding and fulfilling. Especially seeing those months of progression! The same goes for developing supervisors, management teams, and individual contributors. All the qualities needed to lead in the workplace are the same qualities needed in training and leading horses to their highest level.

Communication skills, decision making, and time management are just a small example of what it takes to lead a successful team in the corporate world, in the arena, or in the hundreds of acres working cattle of a family ranch.


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